Serving community lenders across the nation since 1992

Underwriting Services

What we provide:

Community Lending Associates, LLC underwriters have over 20 years of experience. We are seasoned veterans who have seen all lending cycles and markets.

CLA provides written recommendations for loan approval and secondary market conditions within 48 hours of receiving your loan package.

Loan products underwritten include:

We have been providing contract underwriting since 1992. CLA knows the mortgage lending business. We evolve our methods to keep up with origination trends, advances in technology, and risk analysis, as well as the most current underwriting guidelines.

Automated underwriting systems score thousands of applications. Their parameters are based on a trillion dollar portfolio and there risk factors are dispersed over a nationwide lending area - very different from community lenders who serve a specific geographic area with more concentration. Unlike an AUS, CLA tailors our service to the unique factors in you market area, your institution's appetite for risk, the loan products you want to offer, and your staff's level of lending experience.

Additionally, an experienced underwriter is available to discuss potential applications - situations where the customer is thinking about applying and needs your guidance. this allows you to request the proper documentation up front - not weeks after you've taken the application. This shortens loan approval time tremendously.

CLA's interactive underwriting service helps develop your staff. The result is better service and satisfaction for everyone involved. Your customers and originators will appreciate this professional assistance.

How to start

Normally we review the entire file for the first ten loans submitted. This can identify non-underwriting issues in your file documentation.

After the initial period you submit less documentation.