Serving community lenders across the nation since 1992

Consulting services for Community Lenders

Our Role

Community lending Associates, LLC's role is straightforward: Provide superior assistance and clear direction to our clients. Our consulting services help you develop the tools and the skills to make the best business decisions for your organization, your customers, and your community. In all aspects of our services we maintain the highest standards of professionalism and customer service.

Define - Design - Deliver

Defining your needs up front will later save days meeting them! CLA defines your needs first before prescribing a "solution". This is the first stage in a successful client relationship. CLA has the lending, operational, and management experience and expertise to ask the right questions to accomplish this.

Once we agree on your needs, CLA then designs a solution and realistic timeframe for implementation. Too many consulting firms create plans without considering the client's ability to carry them out. CLA saves clients time and money by creating real-world solutions-not classroom strategies.

Working in partnership, CLA supports you throughout our relationship. CLA has the experience and expertise to support your managerial, operational, technical, and front-line staff. CLA delivers its services on time, on point, within budget. CLA delivers results!